AOL Users Help

If you are encountering any problems with Pure Baseball and the AOL browser, try these solutions before calling customer service...

Open AOL. Go to "Help" then "About" and check which version of AOL you are running. You should see either "AOL Version 3.0 for Windows" or "AOL Version 3.0 for Windows 95." These versions are different, as the first is designed for Windows 3.x.

If you are running AOL 3.0 for Windows, go to and select "Try AOL" to get the other version. The Windows 95 version should correct any problems you were having.

After installation of the new version, access the internet and AOL will install Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 3.02 into the system. You will need to reinstall the Pure Baseball game, as well. Do not upgrade to IE 4.0 as AOL has informed us that it does not work with their system.


If you do not wish to upgrade you version of AOL and would like to continue with the Windows 3.x version, you must download a copy of IE 3.02, minimize AOL and install IE 3.02 as a separate program. You will also have to reinstall the Pure Baseball software. Each time you are ready to play a Pure Baseball game, you'll need to minimize your AOL system and launch the external copy of IE.

To run Pure Baseball with AOL, the minimum system requirements are a 486 computer with at least a 14.4 modem (a Pentium machine with a 28.8 modem is recommended).

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