Perpetual League Types (REAL-TIME and Traditional):


These leagues feature perpetual ownership of players and use last season MLB statistics to determine ratings and results in the game.

The length of schedule is always 160 games unless the league is in its first year and games start after June 1. The length of the first season for a late starting perpetual league will be determined at the time the league first season commences.

Perpetual leagues have a rookie draft from their second season on. The material in DRAFT TYPES (Game Info) pertains specifically to traditional perpetual leagues.

REAL-TIME PERPETUAL LEAGUES are set in a similar fashion as Traditional Perpetual leagues except for these important differences:

  1. Statistics and Ratings governing the games change each week according to the performance of your players in real life MLB (hence the name REAL-TIME).
  2. YTD (year to date) stats are always used to determine ratings and results. STATS are updated every TUESDAY of the MLB season to reflect statistics through that MONDAY. The YTD statistics used in a series of games will reflect MLB results as of the MONDAY before the start of any series (PB series go from Thursday to Tuesday).
  3. REAL-TIME leagues will start after the start of the MLB season (see #5 below) and will continue past the end of the MLB season. After the end of the MLB season, the YTD stats will become the FINAL MLB statistics
  4. Established REAL-TIME leagues will begin play on approx. the first Thursday in May in order to allow the YTD statistics to be based on a large enough sample of games. First year REAL-TIME leagues will start whenever they are formed during the year and will ordinarily have a shorter span of games in which YTD stats are changing weekly.
  5. Rosters in REAL-TIME leagues will be limited to 40. The active roster will continue to be 25, and roster moves between series will be unlimited as they are in the Traditional Perpetual Leagues.
  6. Players eligible for the MONTHLY FREE AGENT draft: Normally, non first year players* not on current rosters (free agents) and first year players who have met the following requirements are available in the draft:
    --Position players: at least 150 plate appearances in this their first year (season) in the MLB.
    --Pitchers: at least 50 innings pitched or 25 appearances in this their first year (season) in MLB.
  7. REAL-TIME perpetual leagues will have a monthly FREE AGENT (Waiver) draft every month of the season (see DRAFT TYPES section of manual).

NOTE: See draft types #5 for details of the FA monthly draft. Rosters will have to be cut below 35 in order to get draft picks.