Upcoming Developments of Pure Baseball

Upcoming changes in Network Interface:

MATCH-UP page:

A page which will replace TEAM page as the link in YOUR TEAMS. This page will be accessed only by the team's manager and will have all the information you need to prepare for the current series including:

1. Lefty/Righty statistic pages for your team and your opponent.
2. Status report on both teams and easy links to all stats
3. Easy links to League FORUM so that you can report series highlights to the league (optional).
4. A form that allows you to write a short recap of the series for the soon to be implemented League News page (optional).
5. Easy links to email your opponent about the your series.
6. Link to schedule page, front office, profile, and all other Team pages.

NEW ORG (League) PAGE:

We will be splitting up the current ORG page in the following manner.

1. News page. Will have:
Trade news
Recaps of that week's series (either filled out by home manager or artificially produced).
Great performances for the week (3 homers in a game, 15 or more ks, no hitter, etc.)
Top ten batting and pitching leaders
Standings (W/L pct and GB only)

2. Standings (full standings) and Leader Boards page.

3. Team List with manager names and email links.

The Left side navigation will include links to all ORG pages as it does now.


We are thinking of going to ALL LIVE games later this year. This would mean that games would be played only while on line and each result would get written to the HOST as well as your hard drive. We will be surveying perpetual franchise owners on this subject before implementation—possibly as soon as spring 2001.

The chief advantages for the proposed change are as follows:

--Ability to have one on one game play during play-offs.
--Eliminate lost games and reauthorization (game reset) problems.
--Ability to view your team play on the road.
--Ability to view any game being played on the system (out of town games).
--Creation of a true "championship" environment

Possible disadvantages:

--Games would be slowed down but probably no more than a second per play result and could be less depending on speed of connection to the Internet.
--Live games would clog manager's phone line and make a separate line for Internet connectivity almost a requirement of participation for some managers.
--For those who are attempting to participate with less than unlimited usage from their provider, this feature would necessitate getting an unlimited Internet connection.

NEW FREE GAME with draft

This game will allow managers to draft a team of their choice and play games against preset MLB teams with statistics and ratings updated every week during the MLB season like our Real Time leagues.  We hope to work a prize structure into this game and promote it on CBS Sportsline. The game will bring in new managers and will also allow you the option of drafting your PB team and practicing against a variety of teams.

More options for Road Manager and PB ROBOT:

1. More varied options.
2. Ability to specify starters for every game while using default lineups.
3. Ability to set up specific lineups for specific opposing pitchers.
4. Robot ability to maintain roster between series will be programmed.

More Changes in PB Game:

Some of these changes will be made soon, others later. We will determine priority by your responses to upcoming surveys, weighed against ease of development of the improvements.

1. More varied events and less repetition of events within game.
2. Correct curve ball deliveries producing fast ball results (oops!)
3. DH rule correctly implemented. Currently, you can not negate the DH rule in PB.
4. Ability to move and save location of offensive and defensive command lines (pitch/hit/etc.)
5. Add some visuals to follow home runs, injuries, etc.
6. Add some game sounds (can be turned off in preferences).
7. Improve the look of the players in the game. Glove on correct hand, correct size, skin color etc.
8. Control of base runners by home manager.