How to Play Home Games

--Download the game. Select GET GAME from the Home page. I suggest you download the game to your desktop. Once downloaded, double click on the icon and install the game.

--Before playing your first game, view and print your team's status report in Stats/Rosters from your team page. There is a detailed explanation of all the terms used on the page in TEAM STATUS PAGE in Game Info. Also check out GAME COMMANDS and GAME TIPS from GAME INFO page.

--The only way to start a PUREBASEBALL game is from your SCHEDULE page, when your team is scheduled to play a home game. While logged on, select the next game in your schedule and you will bring up a pitcher selection screen. You will be asked to select a pitcher. From there the steps are; view other team's lineup and pitcher, select lineup, and start game.

The first thing to note when you enter the game is that the "boxes" or "windows" used in the game can be moved and that the "overhead window" and the "game description window" can be SIZED. The game will "remember" where you have placed these windows from game to game. If you are using a small display size on your computer, the screen will be crowded and you may want to either use a larger display size or "hide" some of the boxes.

The use of RIGHT click is important in this game. Right clicking on players in the "overhead" will give you pertinent stats and ratings. Double clicking on any player will open the "Roster Page". The RIGHT click is also necessary to move players from one position to another when making lineup changes during the game. The "Roster page" is the nerve center of all player changes during the game. It also displays real and current fantasy stats for all players.

NOTE: If a pitcher is NOT READY (overused, tired, very overused, worn-out) and named as the starting pitcher, the GAME ROBOT WILL NOT use him. Unfortunately our network ROBOT is not yet equipped to catch this problem. The home team will be given a lineup with that pitcher or player in the starting lineup but that lineup will be incorrect as the GAME ROBOT will remove any pitcher or player who is not READY.
To determine who the GAME robot will select to start in this situation, use the following guidelines.

1. If there are one or more starters (pitchers with max-bats of at least 30) who have 30 BFA and are READY, the Game Robot will select the pitcher with the highest PB pitching grade.

2. If there is no READY starter the ROBOT will select a long reliever (with max bats less than 30) with at least 10 BFA.

3. Failing the availability of pitchers designated in one and two above, the GAME ROBOT will select the highest PB rated reliever with either 10 BFA or full BFA.

The HELP section within the game is very useful.

If your game fails to report because of your connection being interrupted or other reason, you can revive the game reporting sequence by opening the RSIBB folder and double clicking on Purebaseball.exe. There is more on this in the FAQ. Once you have reported a game, you will be taken back to your schedule screen and will have to RIGHT click and refresh the frame in which the game schedule is located to bring up the score of the game. Clicking on a reported game will bring up your box score.

If you should have any problem with submitting the e, please e-mail the commissioner. Should you have a problem during the play of the game, simply minimize the game and e-mail me. I will be glad to help.