Trades: The Commissioner must approve all trades. He may ask the parties to re-negotiate a proposed trade if he feels the values of the considerations in the deal are out of balance.
Trades are not authorized after game 121 of a 160 game season has been authorized to play until the termination of the play-off season *(For Launch Leagues the trading deadline is the 30-game mark of the season. In other words before game 31 is playable.).
Trades are not authorized from the first day of the rookie draft until the last day of the free agent draft every spring.

Note: Trades have an effective date which can be set by the offering team. The default is the date on which the original trade is offered. THERE IS NO EXPIRATION DATE! The trade will remain live as long as it is not WITHDRAWN by the offering team or REJECTED by the accepting team. Please do not let LIVE trades sit around unless you intend to live by the conditions of the trade.

Trade Approval Policies: We have a trade approval system in place, which is considerably better than no trade policy. The trades, which are questionable, are discussed between the two parties to the trade AND the commissioner if the commissioner feels they are a threat to the integrity of the league or one of the two franchisees involved. This is done before the trade is released to the league. This eliminates a lot of league-wide sniping and unpleasantness.
If you are making a trade in one of the leagues in which I (the commissioner) am a member, the lag time on the deal can be longer because I check with other baseball experts not in the league for help. I realize that here will be times when my objectivity will be held in question so I will not reject a trade without input from an impartial judge.
Trades accepted by both parties, which can not be approved until the following Tuesday will be checked as they come in by me. I will generally try to contact the parties to "questionable deals" within a day or so of the trade arriving on my trade board for approval (This will depend on my schedule). If you have not heard from me about a trade, chances are it will be approved. If you have other trade plans and wish to know how I stand quickly, send me a message and I will reply. Please include the email address of the other party so that I can quickly and easily respond to both parties in the interests of fairness and equal access.

Note: If a trade is signed on Wednesday or anytime near the start of games on Thursday morning, both parties should send the commissioner an email detailing their possible roster moves should the deal be APPROVED. Do not assume a trade will be approved!

Trading Draft Picks: Draft picks for the Rookie and Free Agent drafts are awarded to teams at the 65 game point in the season. They are not owned by the franchise nor may they be traded until the 65 game point. No trade will be approved by the commissioner where one team receives more free agent picks than it relinquishes.

The trading of draft picks is not allowed in Perpetual Leagues until after the 65th game of the current season. At that point in the season, every team's Rookie and Free Agent draft picks for the following spring are put up on the system and available for trade.

NOTE: Pure baseball trades involving free agent picks must include the same number of free agent picks going to both parties in the trade. All teams must maintain their full complement of 8 free agent picks.

Launch leagues do not have rookie or free agent drafts, as they are not perpetual leagues.

How To Trade:(First you have to find a willing partner)

  1. Try putting out a message on the TRADE FORUM (League Page-select Forums-select trade forum). Make the Headline snappy and informative to ensure the greatest readership.
  2. Scan the Trade forum for ideas.
  3. Look at other team's rosters for possibilities. Compose a trade idea and either message the manager about the trade or go ahead and make an official offer in TRADES.
  4. To make an official offer, go to FRONT OFFICE from your team page. Select trades. Use the default date on the trade. Trade dates do not expire. Trade offers die only when either party or the commissioner rejects the trade. Go ahead and give your trade a name. Enter the players from both teams and submit the trade.
  5. Once you have submitted a trade, the system sends a message top the other party alerting them of the trade. It's best to also send a personal message to the other team (From TEAM LIST or his TEAM PAGE), in order to warn him a trade offer is pending.
  6. Once both parties agree and electronically "sign" the trade, it has to be approved by the Commissioner. Once he accepts it as a reasonable trade, it goes into effect.
  7. Once the regular season starts, trades do not go through when games are being played from Thursday morning to Tuesday morning. Trades and roster moves are made from Tuesday after all games are played, until Thursday when the next series starts.
  8. The TRADING DEADLINE in Launch Leagues is game 30. After the 30 game mark in the season, no trades will be approved.
  9. If you change your mind about a deal that has not yet been signed by the other party, you can go into the trade module and cancel; the trade offer. Once both parties have signed the trade offer, only the commissioner can void a trade. If you have made a grievous error and do not wish the trade to be approved for some (very good) reason, you may message the commissioner and plead your case.
TRADES with Unmanaged Teams: Unmanaged Team Trading periods will occur and be announced at the following times; after 65 game mark, before 130 game trade deadline, before start of season and after playoffs are over during the off season.

The commissioner reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule these trading periods. These periods will be approx. 3 weeks long.

NOTE: The goal in approving these trades will be to improve the future prospects of unmanaged teams. Please do not expect unbalanced offers to be approved.

Conditional or Two-Part Trades:
Any arrangement made between managers with reference to conditional trades or two-part trades is not enforceable in PureBaseball.
Example: Two managers who want to make a draft pick trade before the 65-game mark in the season make an exchange of payers and agree to "even up" the trade after picks are available. If the first part of the trade gains approval, the second does not necessarily have to be approved by the commissioner. All trades arte treated as separate transactions by the commissioner and should be treated as such by PB managers.