Game Robots

Auto Play
The Auto Play feature can be used during the game and will enable you to play the game until the 5th,6th,7th,8th,9th, or to it's termination. The speed of the game can be set so that you can watch it if you'd like. The Auto-Play feature can be canceled or resumed at any time.

Game Playing Schedule
Games are due at 10 AM CT on Tuesday but it takes us a period of time after that to get the un-played games played by the ROBOT. In addition, we have to run some maintenance programs before we can open up roster moves and run trades. The time by which this is all done will vary from 4-6 PM in the near term. We hope to speed up the process greatly in the future.
Next series GAMES start on THURSDAY morning. The period between Tuesday and Thursday is used to TRADE, and adjust ROSTER for next series.

Network Robot
The Network Game Manager will play games not submitted by the manager.

If no games within a series are reported by Sunday at 8:00 PM CT, the Robot Manager will play all the games in that series.
If a manager has played any number of games within a series, but has failed to complete the entire series, the Robot Manager will play the remaingin games Tuesday mornings at 10 AM CT. 

The Robot Manager will use default LH/RH lineups, pitcher roles, and managerial options submitted by the manager at the beginning of the season (can be updated at any time).
If no default lineup is available or a player in the lineup is no longer on the team or available (injured?), then the GAME will create a lineup for the team.

NOTE: The Robot will never allow a tired, overused, very overused or worn out player in a game. If you have such a player in a lineup, the ROBOT will replace that player. if the ROBOT has to remove more than one player, he will completely redo your lineup.