Documentation Tips On Game Play

Handy Tips and Answers to questions about game-play.

1. Configure the Pure Baseball Game screen to your taste. All the windows, even the Icon Control Strip can be moved to any desired location. In addition, you can re-size the Overhead Display Window and the Game Description Window (the play-by-play report). The "Font" button, near the lower left corner of the Game Description Window lets you scale the text to whatever size is comfortable for you. The game "remembers" all window positions, except the icon strip (pass your mouse over the icons to read the function of each icon), so you'll always have your favorite setup.

2. Set your computer's display size as large as possible. You can use minimal resolution, but the screen may appear crowded. If so, you can hide some windows to create more room.

3. RIGHT CLICK your mouse to move a pinch hitter (PH) or pinch runner (PR) to another position. The RIGHT CLICK reveals a list of positions to which you can move the man in question.

4. LEFT CLICK the Roster Sheet Icon (near the top-left of each team's line-up box) to access the Roster Sheet. Double clicking any player visible on the field does the same thing.

5. Want key ratings and statistics for one of your players? RIGHT CLICK on any player on the field to get data pertinent to his current function. (I.E. Hitting stats for batters, pitching stats for pitchers, base running stats for base runners and defensive stats for fielders)

6. Check your sim team's performance by LEFT CLICKING in the top right corner of the Roster Page. "Season" (the default) shows the real-life numbers, while "Fantasy" tracks the player's performance in the simulation.

7. Activate "Auto Play" mode through the "Manager" selection on the Tool Bar. It also lets you set your team's base running. You can alter the setting at any time during the game. The bar at the lower left-hand part of the screen cancels "auto Play."

8. To keep things simpler, you can't void your DH in this version of our Pure Baseball Game. You can't move a DH to a defensive position for any reason. This function will be available in a future version of the game.

9. If you still need HELP, don't panic. Hitting "F1" or activating "Help" from the toolbar provides lots of information while the game is in progress.

10 If your game doesn't report due to a broken Internet connection, all is not lost! Open the RSIBB folder and DOUBLE CLICK Purebaseball.exe. to resurrect reporting of the game.

11. Your team can win, especially if you make all the right managerial moves. Good luck -- Play ball!